Nightingale-EOS Ltd is an innovative UK optical company that has developed unique laser-based technology for measuring and characterising thin coatings and materials used on a wide range of industrial and consumer products.

Our Products

Using proprietary technology based on the industry-proven Beam Profile Reflectometry technique, n-eos’ range of n-Gauge devices can rapidly characterise, with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy and repeatability, a range of irregular-shaped or non-linear thickness substrates.

This unique capability provides new opportunities for the non-destructive measurement of thin films, coatings and membranes.  It affords manufacturers a way of rapidly determining the quality and repeatability of a product or process, in real time and as an integrated part of a production line.  It also allows those engaged in research and development to understand and characterise the performance of prototype materials and coatings early in the development cycle, thus improving product performance and reducing time to market.

n-Gauge 1


n-eos’ highly versatile n-Gauge 1 device is configured to measure or characterise curved or irregular-shaped coatings and membranes in a laboratory, research and development, or academic environment.  With a choice of microscope stages, lenses and sample positioning tools, it is the ideal solution to helping reduce time to market, improve products, and enhance research capability.

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n-Gauge 2


n-eos’ latest product, n-Gauge 2 has been designed for in-line use within high-throughput manufacturing or production environments.  Its small footprint, short cycle time and ability to measure multiple points on a single coating or membrane within a single measurement cycle, make it the perfect tool for rapidly and accurately characterising a range of coatings, membranes or translucent films.

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