Academic Research

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n-eos’ n-Gauge 1 system is ideally suited to academic environments where its unique capabilities can be used to support research across a range of relevant disciplines at undergraduate or post-graduate levels.  With its intuitive graphical user interface it’s exceptionally easy to configure and use and our comprehensive training and support package ensures that it will always be available to support research when required.  Users from across the academic spectrum will find the n-Gauge 1 system a superb addition to, and in many cases replacement for, many other laboratory metrology systems, and n-eos an ideal partner.

n-Gauge 1 in Use

n-eos’ n-Gauge 1 system is already in use in the University of Madrid and was central to a peer-reviewed paper entitled ‘Sub-Micrometric Reflectometry for Localized Label-Free Biosensing’.

The paper was published in Optics Express, which is a US-based peer-reviewed journal that emphasises scientific and technology innovations in all aspects of optics and photonics.

The University of Madrid’s paper can be viewed on the Optical Society of America’s website by clicking here.

A PDF copy can also be viewed in a new tab or downloaded by clicking here.