Contact Lenses

Measuring contact lenses to evaluate thickness, profile, and dioptre 

Contact lens manufacture can be a challenging environment for the process engineer.  Tolerances are tight, the volume of material and finished product is high due to throughput and concurrent production lines, and there are numerous opportunities throughout the manufacturing cycle for problems to occur.  In the worst case incorrectly manufactured or labelled lenses may make their way to the consumer, leading rapidly to loss of revenue, customer complaints, and the possibility of significant reputational damage.

Assuring manufacturers of the lenses’ correct physical form, dioptre, and production quality, either in line or within the quality control laboratory, can all be achieved through n-eos’ n-Gauge products.  Samples can be rapidly characterised at any stage of the production or finishing cycle, with the aim of increasing production yield, meeting quality control criteria, or identifying drifts in machine tolerance before they affect output.

 Advantages of Our Technology

n-Gauge provides manufacturers of contact lenses with a revolutionary new metrology technique that delivers a suite of measurable benefits.  In-line, real time, and repeatable characterisation of contact lenses can now be undertaken quickly and reliably, directly influencing manufacturability and product quality.

n-eos’ n-Gauge systems offer users the ability to:

Calculation of tilt angle at measurement point
Product position, orientation and identification
Simultaneous measurement of thickness, refractive index, & strain
Calculation of surface profile
Thickness range 100nm to 500μm
On-board storage of parameter sets for commonly measured sample types