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n-Gauge 1 & n-Gauge 2

n-eos has developed two n-Gauge metrology products for different applications, both of which are capable of rapidly measuring the same multiple key parameters concurrently and with a high degree of accuracy, repeatability and reliability.


n-Gauge 1

With its choice of microscope stages, lenses and sample positioning tools, n-Gauge 1 is configured to measure or characterise curved or irregular-shaped coatings and membranes in a laboratory, research and development, or academic environment, to reduce time to market, improve products, and enhance research capability.

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n-Gauge 2

n-Gauge 2 has been designed to support high-throughput manufacturing environments, where its smaller form factor, short cycle time and ability to measure multiple points on a single coating or membrane within a single measurement cycle, can help improve production yield and quality and reduce product waste.

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